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MedRay celebrates its 10th anniversary

The International Centers for Medical Radiology (MedRay) celebrated its tenth anniversary in a large festival held at the Sheraton Hotel in Amman on 19.12.2019 under the patronage of Dr. Mamdouh Al-Abadi.

A large audience of respected doctors of all specialties participated in the ceremony, in which they gave many words of support and expressed their absolute confidence in the group of centers, their staff, and the services they provide.

During this ceremony, a group of speeches were delivered that emphasized the pioneering role of Medray Group by introducing the latest devices needed by patients. Emphasis was also placed on continuing to give and maintaining high standards and continuing to supply the group with highly qualified medical cadres and very modern equipment.

Dr. confirmed. Ihssan Hamarneh, the general manager of the group, is also on the social side of the group’s work and secures large discounts and even exemption from payment for patients who are unable to bear the costs of diagnosis and treatment.

During the ceremony, a number of distinguished cadres in the group and the doctors dealing with it were also honored.

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