The “Jordan is Good” initiative was launched by the efforts of Dr. Ihsan Issa Hamarneh, Director General of MEDRAY International Centers, to be the first campaign of its kind in Jordan to provide semi-free or free diagnosis and treatment to less fortunate patients in Jordan.

This initiative emerged during the Corona crisis, which certainly included among its victims – may God have mercy on them – many who were affected both financially and practically. The sure outcome is that the poverty line and the extreme poverty line have included many people in its ranks following this crisis. This will make providing for the basic requirements of life difficult for many people, and the most important of these requirements and rights is the “right to treatment”.

One of the main objectives of this campaign is to intensify the aid and donations provided to the less fortunate patients; This is to make the private medical sector, including clinics, medical centers, and others, a partner that works to provide appropriate treatment to all less fortunate patients, in parallel with the government medical sector.

This initiative gives the well-off an opportunity to do charity and participate with health institutions to provide diagnosis and treatment to all Jordanians who cannot afford their treatment. It may be no secret to anyone that Jordan is full of thousands of cases that have been treated in government and private hospitals, and have recovered… However, they have become subject to the financial departments in these hospitals; As a result of an invoice they cannot pay. Hence the need for the intervention of health institutions, well-to-do people, and any charitable party capable of paying treatment bills or ensuring the diagnosis and treatment of needy patients.

And because we are sure that “Jordan is good”, diagnosis and treatment will be available to all…