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EOS Imaging technology

EOS Imaging

it is a low-dose, weight-bearing X-ray technology. It can simultaneously take full-body, frontal and lateral (side view) images of the skeletal system of a patient in a standing or sitting position, using significantly less radiation than traditional X-rays or CT scans.
Using EOS, two dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) orthopedic images can be produced to assist doctors with the diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions of the spine, hips and knees.
EOS Imaging is used for anatomical assessment of the entire musculoskeletal system and is invaluable for evaluating the following conditions:
• scoliosis
• kyphosis
• limb length discrepancy
• balance and posture complications
• hip dysplasia
• bowleg and knock knee conditions
this service available at
ALBASMA radiology center


EOS Imaging


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