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MedRay Story

The International Medical Radiology Centers was established in 2009, and has become one of the leading centers in the region and the Middle East in providing distinguished radiological diagnostics from a medical, scientific and service point of view with the aim of providing the best medical services to patients.

The International Medical Radiology Center MEDRAY is distinguished by providing the most optimal and accurate services in all areas of diagnostic radiology. The Department of Nuclear Medicine, Radioisotope Treatment, Early Diagnosis of Tumors, and Follow-up by PET-CT and their addition to our medical diagnostic services have been developed. Thus, our services cover all areas required in the field of diagnostic radiology. And with the latest devices, not only at the level of Jordan, but at the level of the Middle East region in general, and among the most important of these services:

  • Tumor imaging and diagnosis using positron emission technology (PET/CT scan).

  • Imaging of all parts of the body by gamma rays.

  • Radioisotope therapy.

  • All women's examinations: mammography, television imaging, osteoporosis, x-ray and color.

  • Magnetic resonance with 3 Telsa strength, low bass technology, wide axis and fast imaging.

  • Computed tomography of all parts of the body and arteries.

  • Dental 3D imaging and panorama.

The group seeks to provide the best medical services to the patient from the moment he enters one of the centers until he receives his report. Based on the institution's distinguished role in serving the local community, the group offers large financial discounts to less fortunate patients according to their financial condition, in order to enable them to obtain the appropriate medical service.

Our vision:
To be one of the leading centers in Jordan and the Middle East in providing medical imaging services at an affordable cost and high quality to a variety of patients, and to enhance the important and vital function provided by medical imaging to help doctors develop an accurate diagnosis and an optimal treatment plan in order to raise the level of medical care and provide The best services.

Our message:
Providing high-quality services to patients in the field of medical imaging to improve the quality of life for our patients and their families, as well as employing the latest results of scientific progress and advanced devices in medical imaging services in an effective and safe manner. We also seek to provide medical services to needy patients at the lowest possible costs, according to the financial situation of the patient, based on the role of our institution in serving the local community.

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